AmericanCooled group & WhirlCool corporation

This website is introducing two brands above, that are owned by one person and located in Iran

Multi D unit is one of the best

Multi D air conditioner

How a Multi D system works?? is it better than other systems? wha…

Air Curtain is produced in some different models

Air Curtain

Air curtain is required for where? What is it good for?

Duct Split indoor unit produced in high quality

About Duct Split

What’s a Duct Split AC system? How it works? What material we…

Convector is our invention and is being patented


Is Convector a new idea? is it acceptable between customers?..

Our company is built for working together

We ask all people who work in a field similar to ours to help us in this way.
We recommend people like builders, workers in industrial plants, hospitals and all places that need air conditioning and heating and cooling, to introduce us to their employers and make a profit for themselves.

Become a member of the great AmericanCooled family

Members will have special privileges
Benefits include inviting to conferences and exhibitions, holding free specialized classes on design, production, sales and implementation of air conditioning systems, which are held every year in the company’s workshop and office.

To join us please Call or Send your information to us with WhatsApp: +98-21-26409771